Why buy with Kim and Doug?

Kim & Doug have over 30 years combined experience as licensed Realtors in Calgary, providing the experience you need to buy your dream home. Their knowledge and understanding of the Calgary market will help determine your buying power.

Kim & Doug will provide due diligence during the property evaluation, provide you with detailed reports on the homes background and give you informed real estate advice. Most importantly they will help you negotiate and acquire your desired home at market value.

90% of the properties in Calgary are sold by the top 10% of Realtors. Kim and Doug Hayden are ranked in the top 1%.

What else do you get with Kim & Doug?



☞Community-minded realtors

☞Unique marketing ideas that work

☞Service and support, full time / 7 days a week

☞Long-lasting relationships

☞Balance of skills

☞Realistic –always truthful with you. It’s just about a sale. We will always be upfront and honest with you.

☞Build relationships with you, the community, and the developers themselves

☞Make great communities to live in with their ambition and drive to give back